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Energy Renewables Asia, Inc. provides Solar Installation Services anywhere within the Philippines. We have a team of experienced engineers and solar experts that install tailor-fit systems that can cater to your daily energy requirements. Harness Solar Power and Save on Rising Electricity Cost. Start your Era of Green Living Now!

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ERA Solar – Brand New Us

Just this past June, ERA Energy Renewables Asia, Inc. has slightly shifted its focus from its majority corporate look to a more approachable one. And so, ERA Solar was born.

The wording is more strategic as including the word "solar" immediately informs the possible consumer that we are the company you can entrust with your solar photovoltaic systems, whether or not you're implementing your first, or you're expanding.

The Globe stays as is, for the company has kept its end goal in sight - focusing on ensuring growth in the country, through installing and maintaining quality renewables projects nationwide.

We are shifting for the bigger, the better, the greener.

2016 has one more quarter in store - end it with ERA Solar.

Other Stories

We are nationwide and growing. Thank you 2015!
2015 definitely kickstarted a new ERA in solar PV.
Over 20 installations nationwide - and we have only just begun.
Multiple Solar Power Installations Ongoing Nationwide!
It's been a busy few months in the office and on our numerous sites! Exciting times are coming, installations are underway, and we cannot be more ecstatic.
Starting this October 2016, ERA Solar will focus on ensuring the team working hard day and day out will no longer be behind the scenes. For an entire month, a hard working member of the team will be recognized and shown off to the renewable world.

You'll get to know more about the people you hear from through email or through phone. It's going to give us a chance to put a face to the name. And trust us, there are some good faces working for ERA Solar.

Career opportunities can also be found here!

Stay tuned!