Solar Power in the Philippines

Energy Renewables Asia, Inc. provides superb Solar Power Installation Services in the Philippines. We install Solar for Homes, Commercial, Industrial and Residential On Grid Solar Power Systems. We have a team of experienced engineers and solar experts that install tailor-fit systems that can cater to your daily energy requirements. Harness Solar Power and Save on Rising Electricity Cost. Start your Era of Green Living Now!

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BUSKOWITZ – The Group of Companies
We would want to shift towards modernity, uniformity, and simplicity.

“We are far beyond of what each represented. We’re looking at one single fully integrated sustainable energy and solutions company as opposed to 3 separate companies that complement each other. Looking at how dependent and closely these companies operated, it was only natural to combine them into one sustainability powerhouse.”
- James Buskowitz

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We're the full package.
Is FINANCING the only hurdle between you and your (or your company's) solar PV system?
Contact us for more information on how you can make your solar PV system affordable.

We're open to partnering up with renewable mindsets, so send us an email!
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ERA Solar prides itself in its successful partnerships not only in financing, but also in its suppliers. They provide the necessary quality, service, and competitive pricing that allows us to build efficient, powerful, and trustworthy systems all around the Philippines.

We are open to client preferences, but require due diligence on the plausibility of a new product to be used in our solar systems.
We want to make sure all of our installations are worthy of carrying the ERA Solar and Buskowitz Inc. branding.

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Solar Energy in the Philippines

With the booming Renewable Energy Sector and increase in Solar Energy Projects in the Philippines, ERA Solar aims to develop a diversified, cost effective and sustainable renewable energy solutions together with and for our clients in the Philippines.

Philippines Top Solar Company

Looking for a Solar Power Supplier in the Philippines? Don't know where to buy solar panels? ERA is the answer to your Solar Power needs for your home, building or commercial spaces here in the Philipines. We provide consultation, custom design and evaluation to financing, solar panel installation and repairs. We offer deals, packages and flexible payment terms to make switching to solar easier, faster and more cost effective. Going Solar helps you gain huge savings on your electricity bills and cut carbon emissions. Help save our planet by investing in clean and renewable energy. Join the Philippines’ clean energy revolution!

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We'll be happy to recommend the best Solar Power System for your budget, household, business or any type of energy requirement.