Solar Times

We are nationwide and growing. Thank you 2015!
2015 definitely kickstarted a new ERA in solar PV.
Over 20 installations nationwide - and we have only just begun.
Multiple Solar Power Installations Ongoing Nationwide!
It's been a busy few months in the office and on our numerous sites! Exciting times are coming, installations are underway, and we cannot be more ecstatic.
Beautiful Sunny Days!
Amazing results are coming in from our online monitoring systems.
The attached photo is just one of the many examples of near-perfect days we've been experiencing from our systems.
Instead of complaining about the heat, why not use it and do your part?
It's more SUN in the Philippines.
IMG_0169 (1)
Marcian Garden's Green Initiative Continues with ERA
August 26, 2015 marked another milestone for our growing company. Zamboanga City and its forward looking citizens are definitely spearheading change in this renewable era. We look forward to partnering with more and more green thinkers.
JBLFMU Stays True To Vanguard Identity in Iloilo City
Official Handover Ceremony Date: June 30, 2015

ERA officially passed the system down to JBLFMU through a short yet informative Official Handover Ceremony through the leadership of John B Lacson's staff. The event catered to the benefits JBLFMU has already been experiencing in its quest to be a vanguard in pioneering environmental change in the region.
ESPA-FIL goes green!
Company: ESPA-FIL Import & Export Corporation
Company Type: Import & Export
Location: Mandaluyong City
Commissioned on: August 4, 2015
UZ to tap clean solar power amidst persisting blackouts
Company: Universidad de Zamboanga – Main Campus
Company Type: University
Location: Zamboanga City
Commissioned on: July 1, 2015
Yes! Juan Brew is now 100% Solar Powered!
Company: Juan Brewing Inc.
Company Type: Beer Brewing Company
Location: Parañaque City
Commissioned on: May 1, 2015
JBLFMU partners with ERA for Solar Energy
Company: John B Lacson Foundation Maritime University
Company Type: Maritime University
Location: Iloilo City
Commissioned on: May 1, 2015