Computing for Solar Panel Prices in the Philippines

There are various Solar Panels for sale in the market but we only use the best of the best for our clients. There are different sizes and types. There are small and even large solar panels for sale. We only select the panels that provide a 25++ Year Guarantee and meet our Thorough Quality checks. While the solar panel sales nationwide increases the solar panel price decreases too. Solar panel prices in the Philippines may vary depending on its build, size and quality.

Solar Power Prices and Solar Setup in the Philippines

Getting an estimate for the price of a Solar Panel system is easy. Check out a sample screenshot on how our Solar Pricing Calculator works. The image below shows the system requirements, pricing, costing and savings. As for the sample computation, it needs a 0.345 kWP system which requires 1 panel. The estimated costing is at Php 35,880 excl. VAT and savings with an average of Php 592/month.
(Note: This is a just an estimate. To better understand our pricing, feel free to Contact Us)

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Solar Pricing Calculator + Solar Panel Price Philippines

People would usually expect that as the technology improves the price of solar panels rises too but it’s been evident that solar panel prices have been consistently declining every year.

Solar Panel pricing is usually determined by the quality of its components. We are your source for high-quality residential, commercial, and industrial off-grid and grid-tied solar power systems and solar panels for your home or business, including all balance-of-system components.

We can help design residential, commercial or industrial solar power systems in the philippines – may it be large or small. Contractors, installers, electricians, RV and boat owners, cabin and tiny house and residential home owners are encouraged to call our experienced solar design technicians.


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