Solar Power

Solar Power in the Philippines

Solar Power PhilippinesSolar Power has had its presence felt strongly in the Philippines in the last few months. There has been an influx of inquiries for interested residential owners to power up their homes using solar power in the Philippines. The inquiries also come from interested commercial facilities and companies that want to lessen their power bill through solar energy. Most of what these interested clients are quite concerned with, alongside the quality of the technology, is the price of solar power in the Philippines.

Due to a high demand for this product, there have been several small companies that have formed just this year to accommodate that said need, misleading some interested clients to think that a decent installation can be bought for a small amount. Big companies have come up with affordable plug-and-play kits that can be easily implemented on any type of household. The difficulty with these types of products is ensuring the safety of the buyer, especially those that may not have the capacity to install electrical products. Moreso, the existing power connections of the household/commercial facility may be damaged due to wrong interconnection done by the buyer.

Solar Power Installation

To safely install these solar power kits, professional services will need to be acquired as well. The cost of all of these relatively cheaper alternatives will eventually add up to the same or slightly more expensive version of a product that is already all-inclusive in the PHP/watt.

This type of all-in service is what makes ERA thrive. We customize system size as per the need of the client; we study the current electrical situation of the installation site, and we aim to educate the Filipino people and continue to help develop solar power in the Philippines.

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